• Faster cooking times, tastier, juicier foods
  • The high speed cooking greatly reduces shrinkage and high nutritional value is retained.
  • Allows the caterer to COOK TO ORDER a wide variety of foods without sacrificing quality
  • Silesia Velox grills are renowned for their outstanding quality and durability
  • All Silesia Velox equipment is built to operate 24 hours a day and won't let you down
  • Silesia Velox Grills invented the concept of top and bottom heating over 35 years ago

Silesia Velox Product Range

CG1S Single Silesia Velox High Speed Contact Grill

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CG1S Single High Speed Contact Grill
  • Smooth top and bottom cooking surfaces
  • Thermostatic temperature controlled cooking
  • 230volt 2.35Kw electric power supply
  • User programmable LCD electronic timer with 7 user definable programs and audible and visual warnings
  • All cooking accessories included Click here to find out more about the accessories

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